A good presentation can make or break a story.

We’re in this business because we understand the power of well-crafted and beautiful presentations. Our goal is to help you tell your story in a way that captivates your audience. 

As presentation agency, we can add value in all stages of the presentation process. From input to impact. We work in various presentation tools and are official Prezi expert. 


We create a powerful concept to make the narrative extraordinary.

A blueprint for the structure, story and design. This concept transforms your message into a story, and makes sure people will remember it.

Together, we make sure the concept is clear, fits your goals and talks to your target groups. By doing this well, we make sure we’re off to a good start!

Structure & story

The structure is like the skeleton of your presentation. 

After the concept is clear, our next step is to design a structure that works. If the concept is clear, it helps your audience understand the story and keep track of it. We’ve all been at slide 8.9, having no clue what the presentation is really about. The framework makes sure everyone is on the same page, at all times.

Our designers and strategists are on the edges of their seats, to organise the building blocks of your story, and put down a sound structure. You can relax and focus on the content.


A well-designed presentation makes a story easier to understand.

Once the concept, structure and storyline are established, it’s time for the fun part: design! A well-designed presentation makes a story easier to understand and captivates the audience, without distracting them from the presenter. It takes the human brain approximately ¼ second to process and understand a symbol, whereas it takes around 6 seconds to read a long sentence. Behold; the reason why we focus on visual storytelling.


We believe the message determines the medium.

Therefore we develop all sorts of presentations. From Prezi to PowerPoint and any other format we might see fit to tell your story. Have a look below for more information on specific presentation tools. 


We've got your back.

Mr.Prezident also offers on-location support, to make sure everything goes smooth sailing. Presentation won’t load? Internet connection fails?? Blue Screen of Death??? We’ve got your back. Don’t sweat about the technical stuff, let us.


5 reasons to work with a presentation expert.

1. No time? No stress!

Hiring a presentation expert to take care of business means no worries about your presentation, no frustrations with software and a whole lotta extra time to do other things!

2. Impress

A professionally designed presentation will captivate and impress your audience. With out-of-the-box thinking design experts in your corner, your competition has got nothing on you. You’ll make a lasting impression, we promise.

3. Always on-brand

Our designers know how to bring a brand to life. With every slide or subject your brand essence will shine through.

4. Success  

Our goal is to make the impossible possible. With an innovative presentation to support your narrative and on-location support to make sure everything goes smooth sailing, your chances of success will significantly increase.

5. Crystal clear

It’s always effective to have a fresh pair of eyes looking at your content. Together, we’ll make sure no ambiguities are left in your presentation, whilst staying on-message. This way, you know your audience gets what it needs.  

The right tool for the right presentation.

All our customers are unique. Every project is different and asks for its own methods and tools. We make sure that your presentation is always made with the right tool. So that your audience is swept off its feet!

Your favorite presentation tool not there? Please let us know! 



Prezi is a presentation software that uses an infinite canvas to display text, images and video. A real game-changer that has rapidly gained popularity all over the world. Mr.Prezident is a 4 times Prezi award winner and awarded a diamond expert status.

Check out why Prezi recognized us as official Prezi expert here.




Probably the most famous presentation software out there, but one with quite a dull reputation. However, PowerPoint offers quite a broad spectrum of options, like integrated 3D and animation tools.

Have a look at our portfolio for PowerPoint examples



Google Slides

Google Slides is all about easy experiences. Of course you’re able to work on this document from wherever you are and share it with colleagues. You can convert Google Slides to PowerPoint and vice versa. Also, and that’s maybe one of the best pro’s, you can work within your familiar G Suite environment. Again, easy is key when it comes to Google Slides.


Motion Graphic

If you want to tell a story right, animation and film has been the way to go for years. These techniques can be used for presentations at big events on multiple screens, or when you’re looking for a break in you narrative. We’ve created video content for multiple big stage product launches. Have a look at the launch of the New Hyundai i30.




Instant magazine is an online publication tool. Think digital magazine goes 7.0, filled with rich content such as film and interactivity. Perfectly suited if you want to inspire or inform people. Not so much a presentation tool, but a powerful aid to send over information beforehand or afterwards. Combine it with great analytics, and you have yourself a great sales tool filled with insights on your target audience.



We’ve said it before and will continue to do so; the story determines the medium. In some cases, it means using out of the ordinary solutions. We create presentations in all sorts and sizes, and are always up for a unique presentation method. Something we can’t do ourselves? We know a girl or guy who can and we’ll work with them.


Pricing depends on the form of collaboration and presentation needs. 

Need a presentation for one big event, or complete support on a regular basis to up your presentation strategy?

With over 6 years of experience in doing what we do, we can accurately estimate how much time we need to make your presentation dreams come true.

We work with different pricing models, such as hour banks or retainers, to make sure we can offer you a pricing solution catered to your needs.

For more information on pricing, visit our pricing page.

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