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Don’t be a dinosaur.

Taser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electroshock weapons and supplier of almost every police force on the planet. For the IACP (a yearly event hosted by the International Association of Chief of Police), taser was looking for a unique way to explain their most important message: evolve.

Have a look at the registration of the event to see the end result. 


Transfer the message of evolving.

The presentation should communicate the message that the police force should develop mature shooting practices. Instead of the police shooting people, they should use a taser. The effect is the same, however, fewer people die.


Traveling through time.

The concept we took was ‘don’t be a dinosaur’, in other words; if you don’t evolve, you die. We created a concept that first shows the extinction of dinosaurs as a metaphor for companies that have become extinct in the past years. Then, we turn to Taser and show how they can help law enforcement to prevent extinction. To make sure the story was told in its full potential, a trained actor was hired to present it Richard Attenborough style (Jurassic Park). Life-sized dinosaurs walked around to add to the experience.


Presentation becomes event.

The presentation was broadcasted to the 2000 attendees of the conference at the Taser booth. It was a beautiful showcase of a presentation turned into an event. Watch an impression of the ‘Don’t be a dinosaur’ presentation above.

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