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The perfect touch.

We’ve been working  with Dell on multiple presentations throughout the years. This time, we were asked to explain the different sorts of touch technologies that are used in screens, and to explain what FlatFrog inglass technology is.

Check out the video to see the designs and animations of the presentation. 


Clean and creative.

For this project we were asked to create a PowerPoint presentation that can be used to explain how Inglass technology works. Explain it as visual as possible, and create a clean and modern identity for this presentation.


Photography and graphical elements.

To explain the concept of Inglass, we wanted to show how people interact with touch screens. That’s why we combine photography with graphical elements. We wanted to create a visual deck, matching both Dell and Flatfrog.


An often-used showcase.

The subtle color palette, the lifelike hands and the animations work well together to showcase the benefits of Inglass technology. Both Dell and the touch technology Flatfrog use this presentation at various conferences across the world.

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