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The life of a poultry farmer isn’t that easy. External pressure and strict regulations put high pressure on business management within farming. The farmer himself has to guarantee good quality for whatever he produces. That’s why he benefits, now more than ever, from knowledge about the quality and climate in the stables. Bluebox developed a tool to measure data of the living environment of humans and animals and made it easy to access as well, all within one place.

During VIV Europe 2018 - the tradeshow for keeping farmed animals within the Benelux - Bluebox launched their new product.


Introducing Bluebox to the market.

Bluebox was looking for a professional document to attract the attention of visitors for the introduction of their tool and to present their company. The company only just launched, the product was still in development and all they had was a name, logo and color.


Attracting attention.

Because Bluebox was in development and there were still some irregularities, we decided to work with the tool PowerPoint. We chose PowerPoint because it’s still possible to make easy adjustments in the future, also with the help of animations the company presentation would attract lots of notice during the tradeshow. News bulletins and oneliners emphasized the relevance of Bluebox.


Impressive reach.

Bluebox reached hundreds of poultry farmers with our presentation and accompanying screenflow. While the first smart-measuring systems are being installed at the moment of writing, Bluebox is expanding their communication strategy.

"Mr.Prezident wrote a clear storyline and visualized it really well. It helped us to persuade potential users of the added value of Bluebox."

Pascal Hazeleger | Owner

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