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Belgian Nuclear Research Centre

World-wide seasonal variation of 7Be related to large-scale atmospheric circulation dynamics.

When contacted by a researcher from a nuclear science center to create a presentation on one of her latest discoveries, you know you’re up for a treat. And we were. Together we spend quite some time on calls, sharing screens, the scientist trying to explain what Beryllium 7 is, and how it’s related to large-scale atmospheric circulation dynamics. Eventually, we succeeded and created this award winning presentation.


Help explain to scientists how they can use this methodology.

"I’ve come up with a way to predict monsoons 30 days prior to them happening. Help me explain to scientists how they can use my methodology to do similar discoveries predicting weather patterns throughout the course of 7Be particles." 

“This beautiful presentation exemplifies why we created Prezi in the first place— making ideas accessible to anyone. See how Mr.Prezident uses visual storytelling to explain complex atmospheric science.”

Prezi | Inc


Clear, professional & explanatory.

We created a Prezi Next that features 4 subjects. In order for us to  explain what 7Be is, what world-wide seasonal variations are, what large-scale atmospheric circulation dynamics are, and how to predict monsoons when combining these elements. There was no brand guide to work with, so we were allowed to create an entirely new style for this presentation. We wanted to create a clear and professional visual style, to explain this complex story.


Award-winning design.

The presentation was a success, used upon publishing the research. In addition, it won the annual Prezi awards of 2017, awarded by Prezi.

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