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AKD, a leading lawyer firm with locations in The Netherlands and Belgium, was looking for a recruitment presentation for events and tradeshows. See the presentation for the final result.


A professional appearance, but not too corporate.

The appearance of the presentation had to be in line with AKD, however not too corporate. The photography, which was especially shot and the slogan “Are You In?” had to represent a certain recruitment style. Also we designed the presentation is such way that everything was tailor-made and adjustable for the two recruiters who were presenting.


Modern and dynamic.

AKD preferred to have a professional presentation without the corporate touch. We decided to find the right balance between those two elements and came with a matching concept.

By using modern lines and dynamic animations we created an informal appearance. Next to this we used dark blue and red overlays for the photography, this resulted in a sharp design which matched the brand guide of AKD.


A visual presentation.

We decided to design within PowerPoint as it is quite easy to make small changes and adjust it to your needs. The presentation was very visual. The combination of style elements and recruitment visuals led to a very own recruitment style. Next to that, we used pictures of the presenters and videos which showed their passions; this gave an unique and personal touch. Although all slides were adjustable, we also added master slides to make it easier to add slides in the same style.

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