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The law firm

The way to the top.

The law firm we worked for is one of the largest ones in The Netherlands, with branches in New York, London and Brussels. We were asked to create a visual presentation to explain newcomers how to reach the top in the firm.

Have a look at the video to see the Prezi that we created. 


Talent scouting conference.

The brief for this project was to create a presentation that stands out during a talent scouting conference. We want to show potential interns that law is not as dull as they might think, especially not at this firm. Make a highly visual presentation with as little text as possible, that shows the way to the top within the firm. What steps do you take? What does a standard career path look like? Create a visual story using characters and our office. Make use of the best tool to tell this story.


Suit up - go up.

A crystal clear brief and something right up our alley. We created a visual world in Prezi that takes you through the office up to the top. The characters and environments are based on the US Network hit series Suits.


Not your average law firm.

The result is a presentation with a somewhat unorthodox style for a law firm. A presentation that has been used during numerous talent scout conferences and that definitely sets them apart from the rest. Who wouldn't want to work at this big firm now?

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