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Hyundai i30

Next level presentations.

After a project for the press launch of the Hyundai i30 early 2017, the well known Korean car manufacturer invited us yet again to partner with VOK DAMS event agency on a presentation for the i30 in Dusseldorf. This time, we went completely next level. One of the biggest venues and projects we’ve done so far.

Check out the video to get a glimpse of the presentation. 


Project Runway.

The challenge: a seamless video presentation on three screens surrounding a 30-meter runway. The screens need to be synced to multiple cars entering the runway. Sound, video, and visuals should come together in a spectacular presentation. Deadline: 3 weeks. Content: still largely unknown.  



Since the content was still changing throughout the project we had to come up with a way to make the video content easy to adjust. We divided the entire show into small video chunks, mixed together with a media player. This way, we were able to adjust small bits of the content, without having to render all videos full length.

Maximum impact.

We divided the presentation into three parts. Each with its own presenter and visual language: i30 branding for the introduction, black and white line drawings for the design topic, closing off with blue concrete to showcase the N racing line of the i30. The 30 meter long screens offer a lot of width and allow for movement. We wanted to create maximum impact by making seamless transitions from the big screen at the end of the runway, to the runway screens on the sides.


Pushing the boundaries.

This project resulted in a well-received presentation and a true experience for the crowd. One of our most challenging projects so far, but we’re hungry for more to showcase our diverse skillset.

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