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The world of energy, according to EXE.

EXE believes in a future where energy supply is decentralized in its generation and use. This offers opportunities to both current and new parties in the market. EXE developed three products that make it easier to enter this market and optimize energy trade: Enwire, R.E.X. and Entrnce.

Have a look at the video for the end result (the prezi was used as a video with voice-over during a conference).



Mr.Prezident was asked to create a visually engaging presentation, showing EXE’s core business and explaining the benefits of the three products: Enwire, R.E.X. and Entrnce. As it is important for the presentation user to navigate directly to each product, EXE requested the presentation should not be linear.


Three concepts, one presentation.

Mr.Prezident  visualized Enwire, R.E.X. and Entrnce, by showing each product in a different ‘world’. Each world has its own color family, based on the brand guide of the product. Because the story is told by following the energy flow between the different stakeholders (consumers, producers, providers), the presentation makes it easy to understand how the products work. We’ve created a recognizable and vibrant overarching visual identity.


Focus on whatever you like.

The presentation proofed to be successful in showing the rationale behind the company and its three different products. It also clearly explains the functionalities and benefits of the software. Because the Prezi is non-linear, the presenter can focus on a specific brand when so desired, and can therefore perfectly adapt to the wishes of the client or audience.

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