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A screen for every situation.

Dell practically invented the affordable personal computer, and is still one of the largest global manufacturers. The Texas-based company has been innovating different types of hardware for consumers and businesses. The department Large Displays focuses on big screens, used for presenting information in modern working environments.

Have a look at the prezi to see the end result. 


A retail presentation.

Create a presentation that explains retailers which display to use in which corporate setup. A visual presentation that shows multiple rooms that can be found in offices, and explains what type of screen should be used when. The presentation will be used during tech conferences and when visiting retailers.


A white and bright Prezi.

For the concept, we came up with a bright and clean style, featuring both characters and their environment. To emphasize the screens, we kept the surroundings and people white and clean and used grey tones to suggest depth. Prezi's functionalities enabled us to create a great overview of many different types of people in different types of office rooms.


Eye-catcher at ISE.

The Dell retail team uses the presentation at conferences and many other occasions. The Prezi presentation was well received and the visual approach helps people to really understand which screen to use when and why. The presentation was a true eye-catcher at the ISE expo for telecommunications and IT in 2016.

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