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Official Prezi Expert
since 2012.

Paul van Hattem and Pieter Bosschaart founded Mr.Prezident in 2011. Since 2012 we have been an officially acknowledged Prezi Expert. In the last 6 years, our agency has empowered countless of companies and organizations to become star presenters. And to our delight, in doing so, we won a Prezi Award 4 times.

The fact that we’re certified assures you we know Prezi like we know our backyard. Our short lines with the Prezi staff can also be helpful.


The benefits of
using Prezi.

Why should you use Prezi for your presentations?
According to Prezi, our brains are hardwired for specific types of content:

  • 90 % of the information we take in, we absorb through our eyes.
  • Stories are engaging; 2/3rds of our daily conversations are stories!
  • Our brains like interactive, two-way conversations.

Prezi allows you to be more relatable. This is important in a world where the audience can constantly be lured away by smartphones and internet everywhere.

When used right, Prezi is persuasive as it engages with people on a human level. Furthermore, a Prezi presentation is memorable, because people tend to remember things in a spatial relationship.


The added value of working with a Prezi expert.

Why would you work with a Prezi expert, and not just with any designer? Here are 4 reasons for you to go for a  presentation design agency that’s also an expert in Prezi.


We are storytellers. Our six-plus years of experience has taught us to build a storyline that will wow your audience. We know Prezi inside-out and can ‘think’ Prezi, which is a non-linear, engaging way of thinking that appeals to the public.


Our designers are brand gurus, that have no problem translating your brand to your presentation, and make sure the whole story lives and breathes your brand.


In any company or organization, it can be hard to start using a new tool and break habits. We help introduce the tool to the right people in the company and can provide them with a customized training.


Being a Prezi expert, we can offer you an exclusive discount on Prezi licenses. And we know just what license you need.


Diamond Expert.

When it comes to being a Prezi Expert, we are proud to be able to call ourselves Prezi Diamond Experts. Since 2017, Prezi has been allocating tiers to the Prezi Experts and we fall into the highest category. Being a Diamond Expert, we frequently get invited to discuss new developments of the tool and are the first ones to know about updates. We’re also on good terms with the folks at Prezi and frequently visit their office, and vice-versa.


Four times Prezi award winner

Prezi hands out the Prezi Awards every year. We have entered this competition five years in a row, and have won four times; in 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018. Have a look at the Prezi to the right of this text to see the winning Prezi of 2018.

Check out our presentation portfolio for more inspiration. 

“This beautiful presentation exemplifies why we created Prezi in the first place— making ideas accessible to anyone. See how Mr.Prezident uses visual storytelling to explain complex atmospheric science.”

Prezi | Inc

Working together with a Prezi expert

We would love to become your Prezi partner. Please leave a message below and we will get back to you shortly. 

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