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We are

Prezi Experts.

Call us early adapters. In 2011 we were one of the first agencies to develop professional Prezi presentations for clients and within the year we became an official Prezi Expert. Today we are official a Prezi Diamond Expert. What that means?  We frequently get invited by Prezi HQ to discuss new developments of the tools and we are the first to know about updates or new features.

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We create

Award winning presentations.

We create presentations to empower presenters around the world. Our success depends on the impact they have. If they win, we win. But we have to admit that we think it’s cool if the presentations we create win at the yearly Prezi Awards. Its with pride that we say that we have 4 wins on our belt (2014, 2015, 2017 & 2018).

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Prezi Next

Conversational presenting.

Presentations are often conversational pieces. Sitting down with potential clients, employees, students, investors and engaging in a conversation supported by an interactive presentation helps you with getting your message across. Prezi Next, a new generation platform might just be the solution you were looking for.

5 reasons to work with a presentation agency.

If you want to create a magical presentation of course.

Making impact is teamwork

It takes a team to create an impactful presentation. With strategists, designers & motion graphic designers, we offer more than a new perspective on your presentation.

We know what your story needs

You are the expert when it comes to the story you want to tell. We are experts in how to tell a story best. We will explore what storyline suits your story to ensure we create an engaging way of thinking that appeals to your audience.

We design on brand

Our designers are brand gurus. They have no problem translating your brand to your presentation, and make sure your story lives and breathes your brand.

We train teams

Our trainers are at your service. Either people find working wit a new tool difficult or maybe they find it hard to break habits. We can help introduce the tool to the right people in the company and provide them with a customized training.

We offer Prezi licenses

Being a Prezi Expert, we can offer you an exclusive discount on Prezi licenses. And we know just what license you need.


Every story is unique and every presentation is tailor-made.

That’s why we like to get to know you and hear you out before we determine your solution. Please tell us your story and we’ll create a custom made quote and approach to achieve your presentation objective together.

Working together with an official Prezi Expert.

We can help you create powerful and beautiful presentations. Let's get in touch.

Thank you for reaching out! We will contact you ASAP.
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