Presentation Scan

Your Custom Presentation Playbook.


We invite the most involved stakeholders of your organization for a session to define your presentation goals.

Your input is very valuable to us, as we need to know what you are trying to achieve. At this stage we make potential efforts measurable and define the ideal outcome. Naturally, we discuss potential restrictions and budget considerations before we start our analysis.


Who are the people in your organization and how do they use presentations?

With a custom selection of research methods such as interviews and surveys with stakeholders of multiple levels in the organization we learn about your methods in presentation creation and presenting.


What keeps you from being the presentation champion?

We analyze your presentations, find patterns in the respondents’ answers and highlight the biggest pain points on all levels.


This is your custom presentation playbook.

It includes our suggested approach, taking your restrictions and budget considerations into account. It provides milestones and defines moments to measure if the efforts pay off.

Raising the Bar. 

We all have been listening to and watching that one impressive presentation you tell people about at birthday parties. Was it because of its impressive design? Was it the clear storyline that convinced you? Were it the functional animations that made it so professional? Or was it presented by a top notch speaker? How can you and your team reach this level?

Mapping your presentation Ecosystem.

With so many presentations being created throughout your organization, you might lose sight on quality and processes. Some presentations have a high impact and deserve a professional approach when it comes to design and development. However, don’t you wish to increase the effectiveness of all your presentations and to save valued time and money? We can map your ecosystem and make sure you’ll have a clear vision of your presentation landscape.

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