Every presentation is different and each of our clients has different needs.

We offer tailor-made solutions that fit your specific requirements. Let’s have a look at a few ways in which we could work with you.

Project basis

Working on a project basis is a great way to get to know each other.

The outcome is usually a one-of-a-kind presentation that helps you to wow the crowd. Working on a project basis is a great way to get to know each other. Such projects often form the starting point for a longer collaboration.

We’ve created presentations for 1K and for 50K depending on the number of hours that we invest in the presentation. Pricing a presentation is much like pricing a car. The model, speed, ambition, and input all weigh in. Therefore, we price our presentations specifically depending on your brief. After delivering more than 1.000 presentations in the past years, we can accurately estimate how many hours we need to make your presentation dreams come true.

Let's start working on our first project together.

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Contract basis

We help organisations to up their entire presentation game, from strategy to execution, from the sales department to the CEO.

Together, we start by defining the presentation needs and goals of your organisation. Next, we create assets for you and your colleagues to use. This can be templates, standard decks or visuals. We make sure everything is on brand and fits your corporate story.

As your contractor, throughout the year we help to create your most important presentations. We can take part in brainstorms and help to update your decks and visuals if you want us to. Or, we empower you to start using new tools, such as Prezi or Bylder. We’re also here to give presentation training using the tools you need and can help with licensing and technical challenges.

We’ll make sure to put a dedicated team on all of your projects so that you always work with the same designer and talk to the same account manager. Want to take your presentations to a next level, company-wide? Let’s partner up. Pricing on a contract basis is custom work; contact us to find out more!


The hourbank: somewhere in between project-basis and contract-basis.

Perfect for following up on Prezi, Bylder or other trainings. Also, a good path to take if you know beforehand you will have multiple projects coming up but can’t predict the scope just yet. Or if you’ll want quarterly updates on your presentations.

Hourbanks are hours that Mr.Prezident reserves for you, which you can spend throughout the year, at your leisure. Your dedicated account manager is always just one ring away. Need design help, or a brainstorm session with our copywriter? Would you like us to drop by and give a presentation to your team on presenting? You name it. You benefit from reduced hourly fees. Also, you’ll have your own private presentation team, which knows your brand inside and out.

White label partnerships

We love working with other agencies.

Think communication, advertising, or event agencies. We have worked with some of the biggest out there and helped them amaze their clients with unique presentations and storylines. 

Please reach out to Pieter to discuss white label possibilities.

Pieter Bosschaart

Tel: +31 6 34 38 68 31)

Please let us know what type of collaboration would work best for you. 

Thank you for reaching out! We will contact you ASAP.
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