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Meet Mr.Prezident, the Prezi design agency of the worlds most ambitious organizations. We create Prezi presentations to empower presenters around the world. As an official Prezi expert, we know how to deliver a next level Prezi presentations. 

Outsource your Prezi presentation design. 

Important presentation coming up? Want to make a big splash with your story? Let's make it happen. Our Prezi experts are here to support you with storytelling and eye-catching, on-brand, award winning Prezi design. Together we will make sure you will achieve your presentation objective. 

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Just leave us a message or send us an email (info@mrprezident.com) and we'll get back to you and schedule a free meeting to discuss your objectives. 

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Presentations are often conversational pieces. Sitting down with potential clients, employees or other stakeholders and engaging in a conversation supported by an interactive presentation helps you with getting your message across. Prezi is the ultimate presentation software for conversational presenting. 

Why work with us? 

Mr.Prezident was founded in 2011. Since then, we have been helping ambitious peole and organizations across the globe to achieve more with presentations. We have an office in Amsterdam and New York City. 

Official Prezi Expert since day 1.

Mr.Prezident has been an official Prezi expert since 2012. The year Prezi started with the independent expert programme. 

Top tier platinum Prezi expert.

Mr.Prezident is a proud top tier Platinum Prezi expert. The highest expert status granted by Prezi. 

5 time winner of the Prezi awards.

Prezi awards the best global annual Prezis with a Prezi Awards. We're extremely proud to have won 5 of them. 

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Just leave us a message below or send us an email (info@mrprezident.com) and we will get back to you shortly to schedule a free introductory meeting. 

Thank you for reaching out! We will contact you ASAP.
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