The right tool for the job. You probably work with PowerPoint, so do we on a daily basis. But there are many other tools and add-ons to support you in working on-brand, visualizing data, sharing slides, presenting to your prospects and measuring success.

We are here to advice you on which presentation tool would fit your objective, to help you with the implementation and to provide training when applicable.

The right tool for every presentation objective.

Here’s a selection of the presentation tools we use. As stand alone software, they all have great assets. If you use the right combinations, you will make a big leap in your presentation game.


Probably the most famous presentation software out there. Let's start with PowerPoint. PowerPoint offers quite a broad spectrum of options, like integrated 3D and animation tools, and it's the go to presentation tool for most enterprises. For this reason it's the tool we use most often.

We are able to design and develop custom made PowerPoints, to redesign existing decks or to create easy to adjust templates for you.

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With this tool it all started for us. Prezi is a presentation tool that uses an infinite canvas to display text, images and video. A real game-changer, that has rapidly gained popularity all over the world. We are a 5 times Global Prezi award winner and have platinum expert status.

We're happy to assist with Prezi design, development and template creation.

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Google slides

Google Slides is all about easy experiences. It enables you to work on the presentation from wherever you are and to share it with colleagues. You can convert Google Slides to PowerPoint and vice versa. Also, and that’s maybe one of the best pro’s, collaboration with colleagues is super easy.

We'd love to assist you with Google Slides design and development as well as template creations.


Shaman is a multichannel content platform for b2b sales teams to conduct highly engaging meetings. Import existing content to build multiple, easy to navigate storylines. Sales users can access your storylines to present one-on-one, to larger groups or remotely. Detailed statistics help to analyse how to improve your content.

As an official Shaman partner we are able to implement this tool in your organization and we can help you with content creation as well.


Apple's PowerPoint competitor that has been around for decades. Functionalities are comparable to the Microsoft alternative, however, the interface and animation easing are superior compared to PowerPoint. If you run an all Mac business, Keynote is your way to go.

Templates, design and development, we're here for you.


Templafy creates a layer on top of PowerPoint to make it easier to build on-brand PowerPoint slides, manage asset and slide libraries and to update slide decks.

As a templafy partner we can help you implementing this tool, as well as creating content for your templates and libraries.


Foleon is an online publication tool. Think digital magazine goes 7.0, filled with rich content, such as film and interactivity. A powerful aid to send over information beforehand or afterwards. Combine it with great analytics, and you have yourself a great sales tool filled with insights on your target audience.

Together with the Foleon team we can set you up with licences and develop stunning content for you.


Much like Templafy, Empower is a tool which can help you create on-brand PowerPoint presentations easily. Easy asset management, collaboration options and slide library management.

We can help you set up your Empower add-on and help you with asset and slide library creation and maintenance.


Brought to you by the people from Prezi, Infogram is a data visualization tool that allows you to bring your data to life and use it in various presentation software, e-mail campaigns and on your website.

We're here to help you setting up your Infogram license and to design custom made data sets for you, to use wherever you need to wow with data.


Yes, there is PowerPoint to create presentations, but there are so much more presentation add-ons, tools and software solutions to make your lives easier. The right tool enables everyone in your organization to create professional slides effortlessly.


The start of a new presentation often starts with existing slides. But where to find them, and how to access the work of other colleagues? Well, guess what. there are easy ways to share slides with your peers and to build upon the work of others. You can even work simultaneously with colleagues in the same presentation (or with our colleagues for that matter).


The one dimensional presentation is way past us. Interaction is key. Involve the crowd, ask for input and adjust your story as you go. Conversational presenting, interactive menus and other audience engagement techniques are the way to go.


Have you ever wondered what your audience really thinks of your performance? Which message sticks? Or which slides are really helpful to your sales teams? Collect the data and be ready for data-driven decision making with various learning tools.

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