Ready to wow your audience with a presentation at a big conference? Are your teams in need of a convincing sales presentation? Want to make more impact with your corporate story? 

Ever thought of outsourcing your presentation design and development to a presentation specialist?

Custom Presentation Creation.

We build presentations from the ground up, or we can redesign your existing presentations and slides to make more impact.

We take effort in truly understanding your objectives and developing a story that sticks. With years of experience and service in the presentation field, we have helped organizations in every sector and take pride in having worked with the most demanding clients and complex content. 

Our presentation creation services.

We add value at 3 key stages of the presentation creation process.


Our storytelling experts will compose your story from the ground up or re-structure your existing storyline and make it more impactful. Our preferred approach is to host a workshop, where we can finesse the storyline together.


Our designers are able to work with any brand standards and transform content into a contemporary visual presentation design. We’re also able to create a custom design approach if the occasion calls for it.


Our presentation developers will focus on the technical execution of your presentation, interlinking/interactivity, templification, transitions and animations to add a real wow factor.


Pricing is based on an assessment of the time needed for your project, the input provide and the specifications of the request. 

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Have a look at a selection of presentations we've created for clients in various industries.


From PowerPoint to Prezi
to Google Slides.

Our experienced presentation designers are ready to take on the challenge to lift your visual identity to the next level and to create a visual concept that makes your message stand out. We offer various presentation design services. Whether you are looking for an interactive PowerPoint presentation or if you have a desire for conversational presenting with Prezi; we are your presentation partner. 


Interested in creating better presentations yourself?

We create custom PowerPoint and Prezi templates. Properly designed templates empower everyone in your organization to work on brand and will save a lot of time designing presentations. How about a set of custom assets such as images, illustrations?

Let us guide you and be sure to make
an impact on a daily basis.

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