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Become more efficient, more consistent and more at ease with professionally designed PowerPoint templates.

We design on brand PowerPoint templates, train organizations how to use templates, and give advice on software solutions that optimize use.

A PowerPoint template in keeping with your organization.

With our professionally designed templates everybody in the organization follows the brand guidelines and a substantial amount of time is saved on presentation design.

Outsource the design of your PowerPoint templates.

We build tailor-made templates for PowerPoint. We can do this based on a presentation that we have already made, or based on a branding document or current template. We design icons, visuals and illustrations to take your design to the next level.

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template training.

A template should of course speak for itself and be easy for everyone to use. It is nevertheless handy to train employees on how they can more easily make better presentations through a short training. In this training we don’t just focus on the functional side of things, as developing a good presentation storyline is just as important.

add-on software

Achieve more with PowerPoint template add-ons and software

PowerPoint templates save time and are more convenient. Furthermore, there are PowerPoint add-ons (tools which give extra functionalities within PowerPoint) which ensure that you get even more out of your PowerPoint experience. For example, branding checks, modular components and the possibility to easily build upon the work of others. This is a selection of the tools that we recommend as an independent expert.


Templafy creates a layer over your PowerPoint which makes it easier to make branded slides, manage assets and libraries and update slide decks.

As a Templafy partner, we can help you to implement the tool and make content for your library.


Empower is a tool that makes it possible to create impressive PowerPoint presentations instantaneously. It is easy to collaborate with others, and to manage the different slides.

We can help you to set up the Empower add-on and to populate the library with assets and slides.

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