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Being the presentation partner of the worlds most ambitious brands, PowerPoint is our natural habitat. With a multidisciplinary team we create extraordinary PowerPoint presentations and PowerPoint templates. We train organizations in PowerPoint design and we offer software and solutions to optimize the way you and your team work with PowerPoint. 

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Outsource your PowerPoint presentation design. 

Important presentation coming up? Want to make a big splash with your slides? Let's make it happen. Our PowerPoint experts are here to support you with storytelling, eye-catching and on-brand design, smooth transitions, modern animations and smart interactions. Together we will make sure you will achieve your presentation objective. 


PowerPoint training.

We'd love to pass on our knowledge and expertise to you and your team. Our online PowerPoint presentation training focusses on storytelling, slide design, PowerPoint tips & tricks and online presenting.

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Achieve more with PowerPoint add-ons and software. 

PowerPoint on itself is a very powerful presentation tool if used to it's full potential. Still, there are some tools out there that make it even easier for your organization to work on brand, to create slides faster and to build on the work of others. Here's a selection of the tools we reconmend as independent experts. 


Templafy creates a layer on top of PowerPoint to make it easier to build on-brand PowerPoint slides, manage asset and slide libraries and to update slide decks.


Shaman is a cross platform sales tool that allows you to import all your marketing collateral. You can import pdf files, PowerPoint, videos and photos and create your own storyline with these elements.


Much like Templafy, Empower is a tool which can help you create on-brand PowerPoint presentations easily. Easy asset management, collaboration options and slide library management.

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