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Attending the Big Show: NRF 2017 in New York

This week we look at none other than “The Big Show”.

The National Retail Federation annual Convention & Expo in New York that is. A three-day event oozing with the latest retail tech. For the second year running, Mr.Prezident worked with Verifone, one of the retail tech industry’s biggest players. We put together a compressive Prezi balancing a simple overview with deep zooms. It contains information on all Verifone’s business components and services.

As head of US Operations, I attended the event in New York and spoke with Jeff Wakefield, Verfione’s VP of Americas Sales Enablement. Jeff explained that the presentation really allowed him and his sales team to have a complete conversation while presenting. Making ultimate use of the ability to navigate a presentation based on the audience’s interests. Now that’s good to hear.

Presenting to Prezi

To my good fortune, new Prezi CMO, Nadjya Ghausi had also decided to attend NRF17. After quick introductions, Jeff was kind enough to treat us both to a brief live demonstration of him presenting from the Prezi. After the demo we all spoke about the emergence of Prezi’s exciting new platform “Prezi Next.” I am confident that Prezi Next and all it’s great features, will go a long way in taking presentations like that of Verifone to the next level. We look forward to working with both organizations and making EVEN better looking and interactive presentations.


After spending a good amount of time at the Verifone booth watching countless visitors interact with the touch screen Prezi, I decided to cruise the enormous expo hall. Curios to see what else was on offer, I came across a good amount of PowerPoint presentations. I was pleased to see an increase in live action videos, VR demo’s and Prezi’s. Confirming my suspicion that movement is on the rise. The companies I spotted using Prezi included; @SPS_Commerce, @WachterInc, and @Fujitsu_Global.

On-stage contribution

I even got to sit in on a panel discussion on the emergence of generation Z and the $44 Billion buying power influence they will have on the future of retail tech. The panel was hosted by IBM VP of Strategy & Ecosystem and started off by using a well-crafted Prezi to present data gathered by IBM Watson Retail tech.

It was truly another great Big Show, as retail and presentation tech continue to develop at incredible pace we can’t wait to see what’s new at NRF18. If fancy presentations and business insights are your thing, be sure to keep up with this blog! We will be sharing relevant customer case studies on Prezi NEXT in weeks to come.

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