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interactive powerpoint

Presentations about the near future.

The Vattenfall e-mobility business unit takes the automotive industry on a journey to the future with this eye-catching PowerPoint. 

the Brief

Conversational presenting.

Vattenfall was looking for a way to surprise potential partners, to show them that they understand the challenges that automotive companies are facing. The presentations therefore had to bring Vattenfall to the forefront, focus on e-mobility services and match their conversational partners. The presentation should feel like a custom made pitch and had to offer adaptibility, as well in copy as in look-and-feel. As the interest of possible conversation partners was not always the same, the presentation was built to be interactive and easy to navigate. In short: the presentation needed to support the conversation.


A flexible and inspiring exploration.

The aim was to create a presentation style to match the innovative character of the e-mobility department. Heavilly inspired by digital design, web design and motion graphics, we chose to create a presentation style that did not feel like a presentation at all. Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and the way the automotive industry reaches out to consumers, we created a presentation that feels like an exploration with smooth and easing transitions resulting in a seamless flow.

Designed for tailor made presentations.


Designed for tailor made presentations.

The presentation style that we developed is now the benchmark within the Vattenfall e-mobility business unit and will be transformed to a PowerPoint template as well.

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