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Zaanse Mayonnaise

The most popular mayonnaise in The Netherlands.

Zaanse Mayonnaise is a household name in The Netherlands and lovers of real mayonnaise have made sure that it's the best selling mayonnaise in the country. What once started out as a little oil trading business has now grown into a mayonnaise and sauce production company with fans all over the world.

Check out the case video and visit the factory.  


A story for entrepeneurs and schoolchildren.

Zaanse Mayonnaise still is a true family business and current director Michel van Wijngaarden is part of the 4th generation. There are no limits to his passion for the family business, its history, the factory and the production process. He loves to tell his story to schoolkids, other entrepeneurs and visitors but was missing the visuals to support this story.


Inside the factory

The factory is the central pillar of the story. That's why we wanted the factory to be the central visual in the presentation. Not a traditional factory, but a factory built in a mayonnaise tube. The ingredients, the process and the endresult: everything is made visual and has its place in the factory.


An inspiring journey.

Because this custom made Prezi is flexible, Michel can adapt his story to the crowd in front of him. He can op to zoom in or skip details using his phone or iPad as a remote control. This flexibility allows him to take his audience on a tailored journey inside his magical factory.

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