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A presentation that oozes pride.

Schreuder Verzekert is a hundred-year-old insurance company from Rotterdam. And that is saying something. The pride of its DNA was to be a focal point in a new company presentation.

An interactive PowerPoint with video transitions and website-like interactivity. Have a look! 


Rolling up your sleeves and getting on with it.

The new to be developed presentation had to support speakers and allow them to tell their story in a clear and appealing way. The added value of Schreuder Verzekert needed to inherent part of and throughout the presentation and of course their needed to be attention for the in and out Rotterdam culture in the organization: Rolling up your sleeves and getting on with it, practice what you preach.


Rotterdam people, real stories.

We set out to make the hardworking Rotterdam mentality the central focal point in the presentation. That is why we kicked the presentation of with a video. In the rest of the presentation we showed real Rotterdam people with their real stories. They were an integral part of bringing the various services and approach of Schreuder Verzekert to the forefront. The powerful design with clean lines and shapes strengthens the do-mentality, the ambition and the entrepreneurial spirit of the organization.


A single presentation servicing multiple target groups.

The presentation is interactive allowing the speaker to choose his or her own route. This ensures that the speaker is always supported by a powerful presentation, independent of the target group.

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