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A trip
to the future.

Russell Reynolds Associates recently celebrated their 50th birthday with a big event. Part of this multiple day event was a workshop for healthcare consultants.


Challenge our consultants' thinking. 

With an interactive workshop Russell Reynolds Associates aimed to challenge their healthcare consultants' way of thinking. We were asked to help out with creating the concept for this workshop and develop all the deliverables involved. 


The Ecosystem Challenge. 

Together with Russell Reynolds Associates, we've created a scenario based team challenge full of surprises. Teams of 6 form the leadership of a company in the Healthcare Ecosystem. Together the consultants go through 6 years in 3 rounds and each round introduces new realities that ask for important business and leadership decisions. Disruptions throughout the game show surprising developments as unexpected players change the game and upset the Healthcare Ecosystem.

An enthralling experience.


A challenging educational concept supported by playful desings.

combined with unsettling sound effects, colourful animations and visual hints throughout the whole presentation. We've been able to make learrning fun. The teams that took part in the journey ended up in 2025 ands shared their key learnings from 2025 with their 2019 counterparts in the most creative ways.  

Interested in co-creating a fun and challenging interactive workshop?

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