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One chance to make a great impression.

“You only have one chance to make a great first impression”, that’s what the PwC Board of Directors must have thought about this quarter’s partner presentation. A 24 m2 screen, a video background, engaging leaders and visual slides made the presentation a spectacular moment.

Have a look at the case video to see the end result. A PowerPoint mixed with video layers. 


A different presentation.

The brand new PwC Board of Directors was looking for a different way to give a presentation during the General Assembly. No endless waterfall of slides with numbers and text, but a presentation format where the focus would be on the speakers and where images would support them.


Innovation & humanity.

The blend of technology and personal contact are central to this concept. How do you keep on innovating and how do you stay human? These are relevant subjects for every company and especially for PwC. From this starting point we developed a concept where we applied the technique ‘double exposure’. Double exposure means that multiple videos and images were mixed together, this resulted in a modern and human presentation.


A visual story with impact.

The members of the Board of Directors could share their personal story as part of a team. The (video)footage gave every speaker context and enlarged the impact of the story. We worked with a video wall where we showcased the PowerPoint slides. This way we provided a seamless and coherent presentation expericence for the speakers and the public. A visual story with impact.

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