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Electric fantastic.

Hyundai launched a completely new fleet. The Hyundai IONIQ, including an electric and hybrid vehicle. 

the Brief

Two rooms, 6 screens, and a chassis.

For this project, the brief was to create presentations for two rooms. One with a lifesize touchscreen. The other one with 5 synced screens linked to a Hyundai Chassis. Transform the brand new IONIQ identity into a visual language suitable for presentations and make the story as visual as possible.


Bright and interactive.

The general style of the both presentations is bright, modern and IONIQ blue. We’ve combined line drawings and a schematic view of the car with high-resolution film and photography.

For the touchscreen, we wanted to create an interactive menu on the side of the car that would interact with the presenter. For example, if the presenter touches the outside of the car, the inside will become visible. Tapping on the steering wheel would highlight the wheel and show specs and all sorts of information behind.


The setting

For the room that featured 5 screens, we used the same style. However, now there was interaction between the Chassis - featuring a blue led lights strip - and the presentation on the screens. When we talked about the energy flow on the car, the energy, we would show it flowing through the Chassis in blue lights. When we talked about the headlights, they would switch on.

A powerful presentation for innovative cars.


Techniques never used before

Since most of the techniques used for these presentations were never used before, the project proved to be quite the challenge in terms of interaction. In the end, everything worked out great and both presentations proved to be powerful ways to present these highly innovative cars.

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