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Improving lives with high-value care

hc1 is the leading cloud-based high-value care platform for healthcare organizations looking to personalize care and reduce waste. Its people are passionate about unlocking the answers that solve healthcare’s biggest challenges. Its cloud-based solutions enable healthcare organizations to deliver on the promise of optimized prescribing, high-value care, and preventative medicine. To bring attention to their PGx Advisor program, hc1 needed a presentation to match the story.

Have a look at the case video. 


Introducing a program via a character

hc1 wanted a presentation that allowed them to tell something about the company before moving to the PGx Advisor program. They wanted to match the PGx services to the story of Nancy, a fictional high risk patient.


5 worlds and an overview.

We wanted to make Nancy the central element in the presentation but at the same time provide a clear overview of the program. Therefore we created an overview slide in the presentation. From this overview the presentation takes you to 5 different worlds that represent the 5 key steps of the program. In each world you will find and follow Nancy and her story.


Friendly and easy to understand

With a bright color palette and a friendly illustration style we have created an easy to understand journey even though the content is complex. Nancy, a lovable character, gives personality to the presentation and by following her it is easy to see the added value of the PGx program.

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