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Same coverage, better service, for half the price.

Gavin is the world's first risk-sharing service. 

the Brief

Meet Gavin.

The brief for this project was to create a presentation to explain what Gavin does, who Gavin is and why they are here. Make the presentation fun to look at and create a visual and iconic style. Insurance dull? Didn't think so. 


Flamingo’s, Bentleys and top hats.

For this Prezi Next, we went all out and created the illustrated world of Gavin. A fun and friendly world that is definitely unseen in the insurance business. The presentation can be used stand-alone and send out by email or can be presented face to face. The Prezi Next allows for conversational presenting and free navigation.

Created with Sketch.The way in which Mr.Prezident created a creative and understandable story with this somewhat complex content, makes this presentation a truly valuable asset for us.
Brand & Customers
Pieter Ottevanger
Welcome to the world of Gavin.


A visual story instead of a standard slide deck.

We wanted to create a presentation like no others. We have used almost no text and illustrated what the company stands for and what it does in a fun and energetic style. The usability is super userfriendly and the presentation is very easy to navigate. 

Want to tell a visual story? 

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