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Same coverage, better service, half the price.

Gavin is the world's first risk-sharing service. No idea what a risk-sharing service is? Well, it’s like insurance but also not. Fortunately not. In this presentation, we explain how Gavin works and why it’s such a good concept.

Have a look at the video of the Prezi for the end result. 


Meet Gavin.

The brief for this project was to create a presentation to explain what Gavin does, who Gavin is and why they are here. Make the presentation fun to look at and create a visual and iconic style. 


Flamingo’s, Bentleys
and top hats.

For this Prezi Next, we went all out and created the illustrated world of Gavin. A fun and friendly world that is definitely unseen in the insurance business. The presentation can be used stand-alone and send out by email or can be presented face to face. The Prezi Next allows for conversational presenting and free navigation.

The way in which Mr.Prezident created a creative and understandable story with this somewhat complex content, makes this presentation a truly valuable asset for us.  

Pieter Ottevanger | Brand & Customers

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