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corporate presentation

A story of tomorrow and today

Eurofiber has been a provider of industry-leading digital infrastructure since 2000.

the brief

A story that combines a vision
and the essentials

Eurofiber wanted to make sure that they were able to tell a single story that included their powerful vision but also helped their audience understand the complexities of digital infrastructure and cloud and interconnectivity solutions.


Compelling storylines matched with insightful landscapes

The presentation incorprates various chapters. Some chapters have a clear storyline are more photography based. Other chapters focus on helping an audience understand the complexities of digital infrastructure by exploring them within landscape illustrations. The variety of the chapters supports presenters and guides them on when to share or when to interact with an audience.

custom icons

We created an unique set of icons
they can choose from

Explainer video's.

animation 1/3

Smart & Open infrastructure
explainer video

In the one minute explainer video's, the photography based and the illustration based style come together once again. Their specific functions remain. Photography is focusing on the solutions of tomorrow and illustrations are focusing on the digital infrastructure we are building today.

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