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Delta Electronics.

Delta is a global provider of power and thermal management solutions, focusing on sustainability and energy efficient solutions.

We were asked to create a presentation for over 200 sales representatives within the company to help them show the various solutions and associated products that Delta offers in a clear and visual way.

Check out the case video. Everything you see is PowerPoint. 


Next-level sales presentation.

Delta wanted to have a next-level sales presentation. We created a PowerPoint that is visually attractive, interactive and editable, and which shows all the markets we operate in. In addition to that, we were asked to come up with an overview and structure that includes all Delta products, but that shows these in a clear and accessible manner.


The Smart City.

In order to show the different markets that Delta operates in, we illustrated a ‘smart city’, consisting of various illustrated buildings that represent a complete city. To keep a clear overview here, we worked with 4 layers of content. Each level that you go deeper gives you more information and detail for a specific market segment, solution and product. A big library of icons and illustrations was created to make sure the entire ‘city’ and all its elements are aligned in style which makes the content recognizable and digestible.

Perspective grid

Working with a grid.

As the smart city we built for Delta consists of many different buildings, we decided to work with an isometric grid. Given that isometric grids don’t make use of perspective, every building on the map is equally important and has the same visibility. By using blue and green as highlight colors we created a clear hierarchy that draws your eye to the right locations on the map.



After working on this project for a couple of months, we managed to create a powerful sales tool that works interactively, is freely navigable, works offline, and that is adjustable by the client.

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