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A case study in Prezi about the Capgemini Schalke04 project.

Have a look at the case video below for the end result.

the Brief

Case study in Prezi.

For this project, Capgemini asked us to create a visually powerful Prezi, showcasing the results of the campaign they developed for football club FC Schalke04. The design of this Prezi should focus on Schalke04, but be adjustable to different case studies in the future.


Conversational & easy in Prezi Next.

This Prezi Next will mainly be used for acquisition purposes by different Capgemini employees. Therefore, our main goal was to create a conversational and easy to understand Prezi Next, that clearly communicates Capgemini’s work for Schalke04.

Dynamic and adjustable.


Easy to create new user cases. 

This project resulted in a dynamic Prezi that can easily be applied to different Capgemini case studies in the future, by simply adjusting the colors and background graphic.

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