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Are you in?

An interactive PowerPoint presentation to attract a new generation of talent. 


A professional appearance, but not too corporate.

AKD is on the lookout for talent that loves a challenge, that wants to dig in and dive deep; doers and teamplayers; young and ambitious men and women that are not afraid to think and act beyond the boundries of their desks. To ensure succesful recruiting, AKD wanted a presentation that could trigger the target group and still be very AKD. This presentation needed to support the recruitment team as they told their stories


Are you in?

The slogan "Are You In?" was our starting point as we developed a modern, dynamic and customizable presentation. Specially shot photography, clean lines and dynamic animations ensured the right balance between the informal and professional character of the presenation whilst blue and red overlays strengthened the AKD branding subtly and formed a unifying link.

A modern and functional presentation.


Our powerful and visual approach embodied the specific AKD recruitment style.

The photography made the presentation extra personal as it depicted the passions of the presentors. The masterslide we developed ensured that the recruitment team could easily ajdust the presentation in Powerpoint.

An interactive powerpoint for your business? 

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