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Geological Survey of the Netherlands

For a century we have been systematically mapping the soil in the Netherlands.

the Brief

100 years in one Prezi.

The Dutch Geology Service is celebrating its 100 years with an anniversary event. For this event, they were looking for various presentation techniques to support speakers and visitors visually on this special day. The former needed to work on video, on a big screen presentation, and on a touch screen.


An interactive Prezi.

We chose Prezi to visualize the timeline, using an interactive tool and an animated video during the event. In this voyage through time we exposed the techniques of the period and showed maps from the era. In addition to the presentation, we also developed a logo animation, video bumpers, and a matching PowerPoint template to connect all the stories of the day. 

A multi platform presentation experience.


A visual translation of 100 years of Dutch geology. 

The Prezi was shown as a digital exhibition in combination with real maps of Dutch soil layers throughout the years. It was a complete overview of 100 years geology for the guests of the event as well as for TNO. The cherry on top were the videos and presentations which were shown on the eight o’clock news.

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