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A persuasive and attractive pitch presentation.

A pitch presentation for InterMed to attract new business in the life science sector. Easy to customize, so every audience feels like the presentation is tailor made.

the Brief

A custom pitch to attract new business.

InterMed was looking for a way to tell both their corporate story as well as their business approach to generate new business leads. The presentation therefore needed to be adaptable to make sure every pitch client feels like the presentation is tailor made. InterMed is a strategic marketing partner focussed on the healthcare sector and the design had to reflect that.


Persuasive and attractive.

We’ve combined playful elements and a clean and fresh style to appeal to the target audience: the healthcare sector. By understanding and building upon the compelling story of InterMed and creating smooth transitions between slides, the presenter is able to take the audience on an attractive journey. InterMed wanted their presentation to be customisable so we used PowerPoint as this is the most common presentation tool with an easy to use interface.

Created with Sketch.The team at Mr. Prezident took time to understand my objectives and produced a presentation that my colleagues and I are extremely proud to show off. It’s first use allowed us to win a very significant pitch and can easily be adapted for future pitches. They managed to capture the style and tone of our agency and delivered within a very tight timeframe. We have already used them again and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.
Managing Director
Ben Cooke
Wat we hebben bereikt.


A winning pitch presentation.

A colourful PowerPoint presentation with a positive appearance that helped InterMed to achieve more as they already won their first pitch. And many more to come!

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