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An impactful presentation engaging a new generation.

A presentation to engaging a new talented generation with a fresh but strong look and feel. Including clear storytelling and impressive imagery.


A new look for a new generation.

Boskalis wanted to attract a new generation by presenting their impressive dutch projects on universities and career fairs with their inspiring stories. In the presentation this needed to be translated into a new fresh look and feel in which the Boskalis identity is clearly recognisable.


A strong story with impressive images.

To appeal to a young generation you have to make impact. That is why we used impressive images from Boskalis projects to speak for themselves. Combined with clear language to impress the audience and let them remember the opportunities Boskalis offers. And to make it easier for the presenter, we made the presentation interactive with a clear storyline!

What we achieved together.


Takes you on a journey from start to finish.

By using a clear structure and impressive imagery this presentation results in an audience that’s interested. Which gives Boskalis the opportunity to achieve more with this professional presentation. In addition, the dynamic transitions and interactive elements in this PowerPoint ensure a flow in the story that takes your audience on a journey from start to finish.

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