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Mr.Prezident is the one-stop-shop-full-service-partner for presentation design, training and software.

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Over the past few years, we have helped businesses, big and small, across the globe, in achieving their presentation objectives. We are not your typical graphic design agency. We are specialists in presentation design and storytelling. Discover how we can help you to wow the crowd at your next presentation. 

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Presentation design services.

Let our presentation specialists create your presentations, slides, library, templates and assets to achieve maximum impact.

Online presentation training.

You can become better presenters, storytellers and presentation designers during our presentation training sessions.

Presentation tools & software.

We can advise on the right software for your organization to reach it's presentation objectives and assist you with implementing them. 

Online presenting in times of COVID-19.

Remote presenting or presenting online asks for a different approach. 

As more and more organizations transition to presenting online, it's important to stay ahead of the curve and find ways to stand out. 

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Multiple presentation award winners.

Proud winner or various international presentation design awards.

Trusted by the big boys.

Mr.Prezident is the presentation partner of the world’s biggest brands.

We've been around the block.

Mr.Prezident has created over 1000 presentations, across all industries, since 2011

Created with Sketch.I've very much enjoyed working with Mr.Prezident. They have always kept deadlines, work close to the briefing, are very approachable and good listeners. The right mix of pro-active thinking and creativity.
Commercial director - Coca-Cola EMEA
I. Bernhardt

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